Through the Eyes of James

The Eyes of James

If we could see the world
through the eyes of James
We’d realize his truth
we are all the same

Known only by our different names
and his just so happens to be James

No lies flow out from his mouth
a hug and a smile is what he’s all about

This world would be such a different place
If only we all could love like James

No desire to wear the latest fashion
His style is love; he wears compassion

Loving comes easy

no need for motive or reason

When you see through the eyes of James

We’re all the same but with different names
His just so happens to be James

Honest eyes, pure at heart
No Jealousy nor deceit

One thousand times better the world could be
If we could all see through the eyes of James

Have you ever seen that Famous Jamous smile?
Genuine, warm–a visual treat

Like those hot French fries

his favorite treat 😊

No jealousy or petty lies; a genuine life of truth
So no gossip or mistrust about who said what to who
(Better than me or you)

Every day’s a birthday!
Imagine seeing life that way?

We’re all the same, with different names
His just so happens to be James

How much better our world would be
If we could see each other
through the eyes of my brother

…this writing is a gift received from Todd, a brother of James…pictured💕
I wanted GiGi playhouse friends to share in the same feelings/emotions I felt…

Submitted by Louise, Mother of James


“Blog entries are written 4, 2 or inspired by someone or somebody. Expressed in story, poetic, lyric, or any format my spirit sees fit for the situation at hand. Peace and Love 2 all. —T. Anthony R.”

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