Love Our Team – Pam Lynch

The final post in our Love Our Team series is for our Site Director. She has been with the Playhouse for almost 7 years. Many don’t know that she applied for the Program Coordinator position in 2015. She interviewed but did not get that position. She was however drawn in by the mission of GiGi’s and eagerly applied again in 2016 for the Site Coordinator position.

Pam, First Day at GiGi’s

Pam started at GiGi’s in May of 2016 as the Site Coordinator and her job description has changed over the years including a 2 year time period where she wore the hats of program coordination and site coordination simultaneously. Since Ann joined the team she has transitioned into the Site Director role. What does that mean? Her role is to oversee everything that happens at the Playhouse, welcome new families, recruit and ensure training of volunteers, donor development and recognition, grant writing, assist with fundraising events, marketing, and “other duties as assigned/needed”!

Why did Pam chose to get involved with GiGi’s? “GiGi’s was the perfect trifecta for me. It is education based, a non profit, and serves individuals of varying needs. My background and passion involved all of those areas.”

Pam would tell you that the #bestofall part of GiGi’s is the relationships that are formed. Relationships with participants, families, volunteers, donors, and more. “I’ve met so many great people while with GiGi’s. I know I will retire or move on someday but I can’t see myself not being part of GiGi’s in some way.”

As for advice she would give to people just getting involved with GiGi’s, she said: “Be ready for anything! You will be inspired and blessed in many ways.” Does she encourage others to get involved? “Of course! You will see my family at many GiGi programs and events because I have encouraged them to be involved. My husband would say they were “voluntold” but seriously, yes, please consider becoming involved in some way. You won’t regret it!”

A fun fact about Pam: “While I love my children, husband, and grandchild with all my heart, I have to say my proudest story to share is that I was a surrogate mother and carried twins for one of my dearest friends. Helping someone else become a mom, is simply a feeling that never fades.”

We are blessed with Pam’s dedication, passion, and work ethic. She is driven to “learn something new every day” and in turn achieve and celebrate best of all moments for our playhouse and participants.

Thank you, Pam, for all you do!

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