Love Our Team – Kim Nimrick

During this month of love we are showing love and appreciation for our team.

As many of you may know we only have 2 paid staff and we will talk about them later this month. The rest of our team are all volunteers! That includes board members, interns, programs leaders and more. We asked a group of key volunteers to provide some insight into their lives, reasons why they’re involved, and a fun fact about themselves too!

Today we introduce you to Kim Nimrick.

Kim is the secretary for our board. She is employed at Genesis Medical Center. She is lucky to be part of the miracle of birth on a regular basis. We’re a little jealous!

Kim (right) and Sister Kathy (left)

Kim first heard about GiGi’s from her sister and she has been involved in some way ever since.

When asked why she’s involved?

“My niece is part of the cool extra chromosome club! GiGi’s has been there for Amelia and our family from day one. I serve on the board to help ensure GiGi’s is here to teach acceptance for all and to support our community!”

Her words of advice for someone just getting started are…

“We need you! GiGi’s is the perfect place to share what makes you special. And, you get to do it surrounded by some extra special people and their families!”

When asked to say one thing about GiGi’s, she had this to say:

“GiGi’s has supported my family in so many ways. From free tutoring to creating a space where everyone belongs has made a huge impact on my life.”

Would you encourage others to get involved with GiGi’s?

I strongly encourage others to get involved with GiGi’s. Every hour you give will impact you in so many ways. Knowing that you generosity is changing the lives of our participants and their families is so rewarding.

A fun fact about Kim is:

Kim & Doug

She and her husband have four children. Kim said that her children continue to inspire her to be more curious and continue to learn!

PS Kim’s oldest daughter Paige has also been involved with the Playhouse as a tutor!

We LOVE Kim and her family too!

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