June 2020 Best of All in a Virtual World

This month’s Best of All blog has some very exciting Best of All moments from our very own GiGi’s Quad Cities participants who have been working hard at home during virtual programming! Even though we have switched to a virtual platform due to COVID-19, as you can see below, it hasn’t stopped our participants from shining and giving their Best of All! We are so happy to share these moments and stories with you!

This month, Mila has given her Best of All during each and every virtual tutoring and speech session! She’s become fast friends with our new Speech and Language Pathologist Ms. Sarah.

Our very own Pax gave his Best of All drum performance during the virtual LMNOP program in May with Misty from Quad Cities Music Therapy. This Best of All sounds like music to our ears!

Also, Amelia LOVES the weekly virtual Music Therapy program with her musical friends and Ms. Lorna from West Music. We can feel her excitement through the screen. She gives the Best of All facial expressions!

Christian has had the Best of All attendance and participation during virtual Teen Tastic/Fantastic Friends. He enjoyed drum night and the scavenger hunt night too! Even his dog has joined a time or two.

Gavin shows up ready to do his Best of All each week during virtual GiGiFIT Kid. Does he look ready to workout?  We are so proud of him and the others for coming together each week with Ms. Paige to learn about fitness and nutrition.

Last but certainly not least, Caitlin is not a huge fan of exercising but not only does she participate in the GiGiFIT Adult program the Best of All is that she is continuing to move outside of the program by taking walks with her family. This dedication is amazing!

We miss seeing our friends at the Playhouse, but seeing these Best of All moments through the computer screen and hearing about them from the families participating shows us that our participants are so amazing and adaptable! (Which we already knew but they continue to remind us.) They have yet again conquered a barrier along with the rest of the world and have taken the virtual world by storm. Our participants, families, volunteers, and sponsors are what make GiGi’s Playhouse the best it can be! Thank you for participating, volunteering, and donating to make these moments possible.

We love hearing and seeing these stories from our families and would to hear yours. If you’re loved one is participating in virtual programs, please email quadcities@gigisplayhouse.org to submit your Best of All stories, photos, and videos. If you haven’t tried virtual programs yet, we encourage you to give them a shot. They have proven to be a great avenue to see your friends online, benefit from the purposeful programs, and are almost as good our in-person program. PLUS many of them have take-home kits and activities to use during the program and long after. You never know until you try! We actually hope you’ll try more than once because just like everything in life it gets better each time.

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