Three Little Pigs say “LA LA LA”

Three Little Pigs say “LA LA LA”

No, you say that isn’t right, the pigs say “oink” all day and night.  This is an excerpt from one of my favorite barnyard animal books and when it gets giggles when I read it aloud, it makes me almost as happy as a recent speech session with Lauren.

While Lauren is very fluent in her own language and says more at home than at speech, she had the BEST DAY EVER during our session.  It must have sounded like the learning lab was a farm.  There were cows, sheep, chickens, cats, and pigs making noise today, and even some naming of the animals.

Early communication skills include imitating environmental sounds like animals, cars/trucks, and other noises we hear around us every day.  Be sure to have things make noise when playing to encourage speech for later! (This is why Miss Ann is so weird when it comes to pretending things make noise – like when the stapler goes “ka-chunk” when it staples.)


The GiGi’s Amina Grace Speech & Language 1:1 program is open to individuals with Down syndrome of all ages and runs 3 sessions throughout the year. This program, like all others at GiGi’s Playhouse, is provided completely FREE OF CHARGE to all of our participants and families! Read more about this program here. While you’re there you can apply for the fall 2022 session!

Thank you to the Amina Grace Memorial Fund and United Way for making this program possible.

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