My First GiGi’s Conference

My first GiGi’s National Convention was quite an experience that I won’t soon forget!

First, I had a great opportunity to get to know some of our local GiGi’s family better. Thank you to all who went. (Chad, Susanna, Mila, Kathy, Kim, Anna and Abby)

Second, I learned so very much from other GiGi’s employees, Inc staff, and the other attendees.

There was high energy the entire conference, an excitement that is probably typical, but I believe heightened after not having the convention last year and everyone being able to go out and see each other (and people in general) after such a long pandemic. People really do have lower halves to them, not just heads and shoulders on a screen!

I was astounded by how each GiGi’s Playhouse is so individual while being the same. We all have the same goals, same passions, and same purpose but have such unique personalities and each brick-and-mortar has a personality itself.

I left the conference excited to get back and start implementing new ideas and feeling blessed to be working for such a great place and with fantastic people. I look forward to next year where there will now be “old friends” to visit and more new possibilities.

Now all of you need to come to see me at the Playhouse because there are still some families that I have not yet met!




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