Jack Out of the Box

Jack’s speech sessions took a jump out of the box by trying an alternative/augmentative communication (AAC) system with a participant whom many did not think was ready. AAC is not new or really out of the box, but not always an easy choice, especially with rough and tumble-type kids. However, Mom and Ms. Ann our Speech and Language Therapist decided it was worth trying.  Jack was already well versed in some iPad work, so it was a matter of introducing the program. Of course, it wasn’t an instant full set of communication skills, BUT within two sessions Jack had made huge progress in communicating choices. YAY!

This is a perfect example of how the Amina Grace Speech and Language Therapy Program is unique and specifically planned according to the individual participant. We believe in thinking outside of the box to help our participants achieve their #bestofall.

Read more about the Amina Grace Speech and Language Program here.


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