August 2021 Best of All

Each month we look back on the previous month and choose 3 stories to share with our board and the national office. We also highlight many of them on the Best of All Wall here at the Playhouse! Here’s a look back at June 2021!

Participant Best of All

Music/Drumming was an amazing program this summer. We had 8 participants register for the 4-week session and everyone attended each week. Not only was the attendance awesome the participants were all engaged, following directions, and eager to drum the night away. They learned rhythm, high and low sounds, how to turn a roller coaster into a drum session, and so much more!

Benefits of Music

In addition to the communication and social benefits of the class, participants will learn basic music theory. This program will consider cognitive skills and life skill development that can be taught in connection to music, as well as increase self-esteem and creative expression. Music will also promote cultural enrichment and awareness (lyrics, cultural styles, tempos, instruments). 

  •  increase communication skills (clarity of speech, rhythm & cadence, expressive &, receptive language) 
  •  increase creative expression (singing & movement)  
  • develop or enhance social skills (turn-taking, patience, sharing, following directions) 

Volunteer Spotlight

Our friend Michael is not just a participant here at the Playhouse he is also a volunteer. He often volunteers to help with cleaning and administrative items. He also helps with many of our special events including the John Deere Classic! This past month he wanted to help with our Art Explosion program for the younger kids. He helped laminate and bind the books that each participant made. We love having our participants show pride and take ownership in our Playhouse and the programs we offer. Thank you, Michael, for all you do!

Goals of Art Explosion

  • learn new art techniques 
  • interpret the leaders and come up with their own unique creative project 
  • to understand that art is beautiful no matter what media you use 
  • gain knowledge of different types of media and understand that there are always options 


Playhouse Inspiration

One quiet Friday afternoon, we had a surprise visitor at the Playhouse. She came in and explained that she was from the Des Moines Playhouse and was in our area, so she wanted to visit. Our Program Coordinator gave her a tour and some information about our local Playhouse. They briefly chatted about all things GiGi’s and when she left, she surprised our coordinator with a very generous donation check. We know that GiGi’s has a ripple effect and that the reach is far and wide but visits like this bring it to life.

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