June 2021 Best of All

Each month we look back on the previous month and choose 3 stories to share with our board and the national office. We also highlight many of them on the Best of All Wall here at the Playhouse! Here’s a look back at June 2021!

Participant Best of All

Abby has taken ownership of checking herself in and out for programming each time she comes. Abby has been participating in literacy tutoring and speech sessions this summer so she’s had a lot of opportunities to check in. Here she is checking in for her speech session. Fostering independence is just one of the benefits of our one-on-one programming.


  • Increased confidence and self-esteem 
  • Greater independence and autonomy 
  • Greater inclusion in general education classrooms 
  • More active role in schools and community 
  • Broader communication and speech abilities 
  • Greater social interaction and friendships 
  • Accelerated articulation development 






Volunteer Spotlight

Please meet Lilly! Lilly is a 16-year-old High School student that has been tutoring for us this summer. She not only took on one student but two. Here she is pictured with Sarah one of our adults but she is also seeing one of our youngest participants. Although nervous she has been doing a fabulous job!





Playhouse Inspiration

Our friend Zoey was part of her aunt’s wedding this weekend. Her Aunt Tess is a former tutor here at GiGi’s too. Her passion for GiGi’s runs so deep that she and her new husband Mitch dedicated their “dollar dance” to our Playhouse. Zoey’s dad said it was one of the most touching moments of his life. Thank you, Tess and Mitch, and to all of your amazing friends and family for your generosity. Zoey is a very blessed girl!

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