July 2021 Best of All

Each month we look back on the previous month and choose 3 stories to share with our board and the national office. We also highlight many of them on the Best of All Wall here at the Playhouse! Here’s a look back at June 2021!

Participant Best of All

Mari had a rough start to summer tutoring and speech. She was not really interested! However, each week she walks in the door she comes in goes straight to the learning lab with a smile on her face. She has continued to progress every week. On this day in the photo, Mari gave her #bestofall during her literacy and speech sessions. Mari LOVES to listen to ANY Llama Mama book which has been the saving grace for most of her sessions.


  • Increased confidence and self-esteem 
  • Greater independence and autonomy 
  • Greater inclusion in general education classrooms 
  • More active role in schools and community 
  • Broader communication and speech abilities 
  • Greater social interaction and friendships 
  • Accelerated articulation development 

Applications for fall tutoring and speech are open until August 15th! If you’d like your loved one to benefit from these free programs submit your application today by visiting the programs tab on our website. Volunteer tutors are also needed and encouraged to apply!

Volunteer Spotlight


July was full of volunteer opportunities. We participated in the John Deere Classic, Party on Pershing, and Root Beer Floats with HyVee! We logged close to 500 volunteer hours in July mostly due to John Deere Classic. The volunteers that helped with that weeklong event were champs. They were there through heat, rainstorms, and low attendance crowds made for long days. We can’t thank them and all the volunteers that helped the various events this month.


Playhouse Inspiration

We were chosen by Safety National Insurance Company to be the charity that they supported via their summer raffle. Staff is encouraged to donate to the charity that is chosen and when they do so their name is entered into a drawing for prizes. They set up a fundraiser with the Celebration Club which allowed a specific link to the fundraiser and the organizer to see who was donating so she could enter them into their drawing. This initiative raised close to $2700. The most inspiring part to us is that there is not a local office for this company. We were nominated by a friend of a family and most donations came from out of state.

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