Dancing Shoes

We ALL put on our dancing shoes earlier this spring!

This spring we had two fantastic dance programs for our participants.

First, Arthur Murray dance studios sent Wesley and Aime to the playhouse during the Teen Tastic & Fantastic Friends programs to show us ballroom dancing.  Participants aged 13 and older were given two sessions of 2-hour dance lessons from these amazing pros. Wesley and Aime were great teachers, and with the help of our volunteers Alex, Maddie and Kylie, and Thi we learned the basic box step and transitioned it to many other dance styles.  Everyone had fun and ended the sessions with freestyle dancing to their favorite songs. #Bestofall We think even the Arthur Murray dance leaders learned some new moves from us!

We also had a 6-week dance program for participants ages 5-13. We had 9 participants registered to attend the session. These friends were taught new, choreography each week to a familiar Disney song. Our programming intern, Maddie, has been a dancer for many years, and just finished up the season with the SAU dance team. Miss Maddie created the dances, especially for the abilities and needs of our dancers. A proper recital with costumes and programs was performed the last week for parents, siblings, and some grandparents. Everyone was singing about Bruno after, just not talking about him. We’re not even sure where to begin explaining the #bestofall moments from this program. There were several! Here are a few examples although there were many others!

  • One participant went from being very shy the first night to owning the dance floor in the weeks to come.
  • We heard from several parents how much they liked Maddie the student intern leading the program.

Look for more dance programs coming soon!

All dance programs here at GiGi’s are designed to introduce basic dance styles, techniques, and movements to participants while improving gross motor skills, increasing mental and muscle memory, and increasing cardiovascular conditioning, strength, flexibility, and coordination.

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