Best of All Fall 2022

As our Fall 2022 One-on-One Tutoring and Speech Session comes to a close, we are looking back at a few #BestofAll stories.

We had some rockstar tutors and participants in this session. We do every session!

This fall two of our tutors, Mr. Rick and Miss. Haley have both done amazing in keeping their data up-to-date and complete throughout these last 15 weeks. They have input their data and information each week which is an important part of the process. Why is this important? The data that is entered into the purposeful progression progress trackers shows participant progression throughout the current session and is useful for future sessions as well.

One participant and tutor attended all 15 sessions (they cheated a little and did some double sessions)! Thank you to Abby and Emma for their commitment to reaching the goal of 15 sessions.

We also had 3 participants who were matched for two types of tutoring and attended over 20 sessions this fall! Way to go, Luke, Matthew, and Mila!

Two of our younger friends Lincoln & Jack worked very hard with their tutor Ana (our Intern from St Ambrose).

They worked a lot with their personalized family backs that were created just for them. These books help with word recognition, photo machining, and so much more!

Our tutoring programs are for friends as young as 2.5 years and at that age, they typically work with their personalized books, colors, shapes, numbers, etc. It’s never too early to start!

Ana also tutored Matthew virtually in Math! (Yes, she had 3 tutoring participants!) They met virtually every week to work on Math in the Real World scenarios which included money skills!

Ana mentioned this is her progress tracking. “We used the buying food problems and he was given a set amount of money. He did a great job of figuring out what he could buy and had enough money for.”

Jan & Sarah have become great friends. Their special sessions involved Sarah creating a report on a topic by doing research and then bringing it back to discuss.

These are just a few examples of tutoring/speech successes but as you can see our tutoring sessions can be as basic and/or as complex as needed and are planned for each participants’ learning style and where they are on their learning journey.

The Spring 2022 One-on-One Tutoring and Speech session applications are now open!

Apply today for your loved one to be matched with a trained tutor or certified Speech & Language Pathologist.

#BestofAll is that we have all new larger, more organized, better-equipped learning labs that are ready to accommodate toddlers and adults. We will also continue to offer virtual sessions for those not able to come to the Playhouse each week.

Additional information about these FREE Purposeful Programs can be seen via the links below.

Apply while you’re there! Applications for the spring 2022 session will close on January 9th.

Math Tutoring

Literacy Tutoring

Speech & Language Therapy

If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer tutor and making some #bestofall stories of your own, you can apply using the links above. Tutor training will begin in January!

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