Part of our mission at GiGi's Playhouse is to promote the positive perception of individuals with Down syndrome.  Therefore, every GiGi's Playhouse around the country features amazing photo galleries of individuals with Down syndrome on the inside AND outside of their Playhouses. 

Not only are we changing the way Down syndrome is viewed, spoken about, and discussed, but we're impacting the world (quite literally).  We're creating a different dialogue and that often starts with a picture. 

GiGi’s Playhouse is a place of acceptance, understanding, learning, and change.   

Thanks so much for your support... and please share this call for support with anyone you think might be interested in supporting our mission, programs and vision for change.   


Congrats to our winners!

  1. Griffin D.
  2. Christopher K.
  3. Chad & Angela
  4. Monty & Sam
  5. Nolan R.
  6. Chloe, Noah, Charlie, Aniya & Hunter 

Thank you to our donors!

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