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I recently attended a GiGi’s Playhouse conference in Hoffman Estates, IL, the “Mothership” or Corporate offices of GGP. I was prepared to be supported and learn a few new things to bring back to the Playhouse. Instead, I was flooded with inspiration, positivity, encouragement, effective tools, compassionate colleagues and an energy like no other.

As Momsy, I need to remind myself how fortunate my family is. I’ve met many families who tell me that they had nothing like what we have today, in terms of programming, therapeutic intervention and social support. Having a child with Down syndrome is unique but the time is now.

As we continue to grow our free programming at the Playhouse, I look forward to seeing my child and your children grow together and reach their new “best of all” markers. I’ve never been one for “milestones” because each child reaches their own potential at their own speed. GiGi’s Playhouse starts where the individual is at and then encourages one small measurable growth at a time. And then we celebrate.

You will see these new floor decals in our Playhouse. We would like to encourage our Playhouse friends to “walk the line.” Each time they are here, they can practice their balance on this line and each time they can gain more confidence and tangibly see their growth as their core gets stronger and stronger with time and practice. And of course, we will cheer them on. On the line and in life. And as Momsy, I have my own lines to walk in life. – Momsy


walk the line

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