Down syndrome Awareness Month

October is right around the corner which means it is almost Down syndrome Awareness Month! To celebrate we are hoping to hear from our families about their story and journey of their child with Down syndrome. We hope to hear everything from the celebration of birth to their Best of All moments! A “Best Of All” moment is a daily challenge to do a little better than you did the day before and it is always celebrated! It can be from saying their first words, their first steps, to the first time they write their name! Everything is a celebration! The best part is that everyone is running their own race and passing through their finish line at their own pace. It is never too early or too late to celebrate each and all of their milestones. If you are interested in telling us your story please reach us at: 

We look forward to hearing about yours and your child’s journey and we thank you for allowing us to more a little more about them! Every story is worth sharing!

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