Crawlers Program – Saturday, February 12

Cathy, a Physical Therapist, and Sue, a local gymnastics teacher lead this fun group at the Hoffman Playhouse.
Who should come? Kids who are not crawling yet, who are getting up on their hands and knees, commando crawling, preparing to crawl, and those just starting to stand and take first steps can all benefit from this program.

Cathy and Sue look at each component of what a child gets out of crawling physically. If a child is not crawling yet, they would work on the muscles that are not being used to help get the child crawling. They can help with muscle strengthening and development for kids who scoot rather than crawl, a child who is in the early stages of crawling, or a child who is just taking first steps.

Siblings are welcome, and encouraged to attend. Siblings can be great motivators for a child, and they participate in the program with their brother or sister, and are taught things to work on at home as well.

Parents work with their child during the program under supervision, and are given ideas to try at home. The program’s goal is to give our kids the opportunity to always improve in a welcoming environment.
Join the Crawlers group on the second Saturday of each month from 9-9:45am.

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