Communication Development Seminar

Tuesday, April 12 7:30pm Lora White returns to the Hoffman Playhouse! She’ll discuss: the primary concerns impacting the oral motor, feeding and communication development of the young child (birth to age 5) with Down syndrome. specific language learning concerns and strategies to improve language development home based activities to promote communication, speech and language development There will be an informal Q & A time to discuss individual concerns. Registration required, RSVP to This is a free event.

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The Magnificent Mile Light Festival

GiGi's Playhouse had the privilege to be a part of the Magnificent Mile Light Festival this year. We got to walk alongside with so many foundations and groups. In the cold air, we were able to spread our holiday cheer like wildfire. We passed around hot chocolate with stickers to...

57 Locations and Counting

This past weekend GiGi's Playhouse grew a little bigger with opening their 57th location in Orange County, California! And we have more locations opening up by the next year! A few of our upcoming locations are Simi Valley, California, Las Vegas, Nevada, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Portland, Oregon, and Charleston, South Carolina....

Trick or Treat Week

With Halloween around the corner we wanted to celebrate the spooky holiday with a Trick or Treat Week! From Fantastic Friends to LMNOP! We had so many people in our playhouse dressed in costume to celebrate and play games! At Fantastic Friends we had toilet paper mummy roll, spooky music, and...

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