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January Speech Participant Spotlight!

The Amina Grace Speech and Language Program has impacted Paige’s life so much for the better! Having a child with a speech problem is disheartening… all you wish for is that they can communicate to survive! Of course, Paige has had speech growing up: in early education, grammar school, junior high, and finally high school. The beginning was great; it was 1-on-1 speech and she was learning! As she moved along in school, the higher the grade, the less speech she received. Finally, the school system failed her when they introduced “group speech”. Since introducing the Amina Grace Speech and Language 1-on-1 program, Paige has thrived and is eager to learn and communicate! It’s truly been a blessing for her. She still has a long way to go, but I’m confident she’ll get there! Thank you Taylor and the Amina Grace Speech and Language Program!” -Shelly, Paige’s mom

Sassy. Funny. Motivated. Cooperative. Smart. These are just a few words to describe our participant in the spotlight!! This month’s participant spotlight is on 23-year-old Paige! Paige has been participating in the Amina Grace Speech and Language Program since Spring 2018. During her sessions, we’ve been focusing on expanding length of utterances to use sentences to request and comment, answering wh-type questions following a passage read aloud, problem solving, and production of the /b/ and /m/ phonemes in words.

Paige loves matching games, reading, playing on the iPad, going to GiGi U, and listening to Ariana Grande. Paige enjoys her time in her speech sessions! She is highly cooperative and eager to complete tasks. Paige ALWAYS puts her best effort in! Paige’s mom does a great job of making sure Paige completes all “homework” assignments as well as generalizing strategies to help Paige communicate in the home. The Amina Grace Speech and Language Program at the Hoffman Estates’ Playhouse is proud of Paige’s accomplishments—and we know this is just the beginning!

-Taylor Kent

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  1. Barbara Scroppo on January 24, 2019 at 7:01 pm

    I know how much Shelly wanted to get page into this program. I think she knew then that it was going to do wonders for page and after reading this this evening I think it’s all been worth it 100%. I’m very proud of Paige but also very proud of her mother for always trying to find the best ways for her daughter to be in this world and to love her unconditionally.

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