Grab a Buddy and take a Walk

American Society of Anesthesiologists invited GiGi’s Playhouse on a Buddy Walk with their staff members. The day was filled with gelato, games, and a perfect day to be outside. The individuals from GiGi’s Playhouse were so incredibly thankful for the chance to spread the word about GiGi’s and play so many games together as friends. The walk was such a nice opportunity for everyone to learn more about each other. I asked one of our participants, Mitchell, what was his favorite part about today. He responded with, “everything.” I would have to absolutely agree. Everything was such so positive and wonderful. Everyone was so willing to play games and be accepting. One of GiGi Ambassadors, Farzin, gave a speech all about GiGi’s has changed his life and improved his skills for the better. I think everyone left that day learning a little bit more about Down syndrome.

Before the Buddy Walk started, ASA created bags with fuzzy pom pom balls with their own colors. Our participants received their own bag with yellow pom poms. Michelle Adams, who coordinated the event, told her staff that if there was an individual that gave them a “warm fuzzy” feeling, to give them one of your pom poms. At the end of the event, Patrick, Mitchell, Jenny, Farzin, and Nick had their bags filled with red, green, blue, and purple fuzzy pom poms. What an amazing representation of how many people that were able to have a positive and encouraging interaction with. We can not thank ASA enough for this incredible opportunity and we hope to continue to work with our community to teach others what GiGi’s Playhouse is and what we do for people with Down syndrome. We are always grateful to present information, serve some gelato, and enjoy being around understanding individuals. Thank you for thinking of us and giving us this wonderful experience.

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