We had such a special ceremony to recognize all our participants in GiGi U, GiGi Prep, Hugs and Mugs, and GiGi Professional! Throughout all these programs, there has been so much accomplishment and progress to show. We are always working towards tangible skills with focus on boosting career skills, self-confidence, personal wellness, peer and community engagement, and overall quality of life. Healthy U, Confident U, Whole U can be applied always!


We heard some incredible speeches from GiGi U participants, Sally and Lena. They were proud to speak and share what they’ve learned and their favorite parts of the program.


The Career Development program at GiGi’s is always looking forward and working towards a new goal. After GiGi Prep and GiGi U, participants can aspire to intern in Hugs and Mugs and GiGi Professional to put their newly gained skills to practice and learn how to use them in the real world.


We love being able to recognize hard work and passion. Many of our interns were awarded certifications in things like punctuality, responding to feedback, professionalism, integrity, product presentation, communication, reliability, and many, many more! Our goal at GiGi’s Playhouse has always been that our individuals can learn more, gain new skills, and show their best of all no matter what. We are dedicated to helping everyone with that goal.


Our application for GiGi Prep and GiGi U is currently open for the Spring 2020 session. Check it out here! We hope to see you soon to start your journey, and we can’t wait to see YOUR potential!

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