Leaps and Bounds!


Join us for our next Leaps and Bounds program on May 15th 2017 at 11:00a.m.!! This program runs once a month on the third Saturday of every month.  This program is recommended for children ages 3-5 years old.

This program is best run in partnership with the entire family. A program leader and co-leader provides instruction throughout this program to all participants. A family member joins in beside their child during this program.  Leaps and Bounds is generally centered around a theme.  We open this program with a “Hello Song” bringing the group together in a circle.  We sing various songs related to the theme which increases social and speech and language development.  For gross motor development, we may prepare activities such as an obstacle course, scavenger hunts around the playhouse, and parachute games which focuses on strengthening their large muscle groups. Certain activities are offered such as crafts and games to improve fine motor skills which can improve on strengthening their small muscle groups, following directions and communication. During snack time, all the children sit and share a snack together which encourages them to use proper manners, independence, and increases socialization. During story time, various interactive stories are read, which sometimes include felt story boards, puppets or pop-up books. Leaps and bounds ends the program coming back into circle time for a “Good-bye” song with all participants.

Families have enjoyed attending Leaps and Bounds and the movement of the program throughout the playhouse and how structured and themed based the activities are.  Join us every month for a fun themed program you don’t want to miss!

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