GiGi’s Kitchen is designed to emphasize the importance of health and wellness through nutrition education, kitchen safety, food preparation, social activities and a shared meal/snack. Under the guidance of program leaders, participants will learn about and progress through skills including measurements, food handling, knife skills, ingredient identification, palette expansion, and nutrition. Participants will be introduced to various cooking techniques. GiGi’s Kitchen program will build participants self-esteem and self-confidence through nutrition and wellness!

We launched GiGi’s Kitchen Kids in the beginning of November and have heard so much positive feedback from our kids, parents, and volunteers! Colin’s mom said, “Colin LOVES the new Kitchen Kids program at GiGi’s. Honestly, Colin loves any chance to go to GiGi’s but this program is perfect for him as he enjoys helping me cook at home.  Although Colin loves to “help cook” he is a very picky eater and doesn’t often try new things.  I am eager for him to be exposed to a larger variety of foods and for him to also see his peers trying these foods. I hope the exposure and encouragement from peers will help him also try new foods.  Taking part in preparing food at Kitchen Kids has also been a great opportunity for him to practice following directions, taking turns and gaining confidence and pride as he helps to create a meal for himself and his friends.  We look forward to watching Colin and his friends enjoy the continued opportunities the Kitchen Kids program provides!”


“I absolutely love being a volunteer for GiGi’s Kitchen Kids! The children in this age group are so eager to learn and help out in the kitchen. This class is not only fun, but teaches them valuable skills they will be able to use throughout their lives. There is nothing better than seeing how proud they are of themselves when all of the ingredients come together as a meal at the end! If you are looking for a rewarding new program to get involved with, I would definitely recommend GiGi’s Kitchen Kids.” – Becca, GiGi’s Kitchen Volunteer Host

Check out the programs listing below to see when GiGi’s Kitchen Kids is scheduled for the month of December. 

We are exciting to be launching GiGi’s Kitchen Teens and GiGi’s Kitchen Adults in January 2020! 

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