Come Golf with Us!

Hello and welcome to another GiGi’s Playhouse Youth Board Canton blog post! There are so many new events upcoming, but for this post we are highlighting a favorite of many, the Putts and Pints for a Purpose event! As many of you know, the Putts and Pints event is another great way to help support GiGi’s Playhouse while having some fun playing mini golf. I want to mention some great tips to having an awesome time at the Putts and Pints event to make sure that you enjoy the event to the best of your ability. 

  1. The first tip I have to relax and enjoy the scenery. Mini golf can definitely be fun to be competitive at, but it’s also very important to enjoy the game and enjoy your time instead of trying to rush the game or even getting angry because you didn’t do well – make sure to stay calm and relax. 
  2. The second tip I have is to make sure to grab a beer (if of legal age) or a bite to eat, because why not! The Flaming Marshmallow will be donating 20% of their sales to GiGi’s Playhouse Canton for the evening, so eat up! 
  3. The third tip is to enjoy the other events at Putts and Pints, as well. If mini golf isn’t your thing, there’s still plenty to do that will make sure you enjoy your time! Music will be playing for you to listen to and maybe even be able to dance to (did someone say Silent Disco?!), an a capella performance by Vocal Fusion, raffles will be out if you have an adventurous taste with awesome prizes to win, and if you’re a college football fan…there will be a viewing of the Ohio State Buckeyes game (vs. Notre Dame) at 7:30pm! 

So many fun things to do at the Putts and Pints for a Purpose event! That is all for this blog post but make sure to tune in for the next blog post to hear more about other amazing things! 

-The Youth Board Blog Committee 

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