Best of All: Zoey E. and Zoë H.

In August, Zoey E. got to meet a new friend named Zoë H. at Leaps & Bounds! They worked on building up from parallel play to interacting with each other and the other kids in the group. Zoey E. is three years old, and it is around this time when a child starts to interact with others during play. She has previously been a little shy with some other kids, watching what others are doing and sticking to what is familiar (such as mom, dad, and her little sister). With the help of her new friend Zoë H., they were able to color side-by-side together and inch closer to building those developmentally appropriate social skills. What’s even better…The following weekend, both Zoey and Zoë saw each other at the zoo and danced their hearts out!

Leaps & Bounds is a play-based program for children that focuses on success in preschool and kindergarten. Students will participate in fun and engaging activities that provide opportunities for following routines, small group participation, movement and interaction with their environment. Family members are key participants in this program and will encourage their child to reach his or her Best of All throughout each session.  Recommended for ages 3-5 year olds. Register for Leaps & Bounds by visiting our calendar:

-Developmental Milestones Chart courtesy of the National Down Syndrome Society

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