Best of All: Tasho

Tasho’s back with another Best of All moment!
We are very proud of Tasho for reading not only one book during his literacy tutoring session last week…but FOUR books! With the help from his tutor Kevin and our new Osmo, Tasho really did his #BestOfAll. Tasho was very attentive the entire tutoring session and really enjoyed his interactive lesson this week!
What is an Osmo? Using a mirror on the iPad’s front facing camera, the apps can see what is in front of the iPad. For each game, there are objects that interact with the iPad; whether it be with tiles to spell words, or do simple math equations. This is a wonderful tool for our tutoring programs AND helps promote speech development by picking up the words you read aloud!
If you are interested in becoming a tutor for our spring 2023 session, running January 23rd through May 7th, please visit:

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