Volunteer Spotlight: Emily

girl with blonde hair wearing all black in front of the colorful GiGi's Playhouse logo

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am a graduate student at Walsh University in the Master of Occupational Therapy Program. I am interested in working with the pediatric population when I graduate.

How did you learn about GiGi’s and what do you do at the Playhouse?

I first started working with Gigi’s Playhouse during my last year of undergrad for my Leader in Social Justice capstone project. I was able to compile different resources that would benefit participants and their parents. Now I am working with classmates to help facilitate Destination Discovery. We work to provide fun and engaging programs.

We want to get to know you, what are some of your favorites? (food, color, season, activity, etc.)

Here is a list of my favorites! I love pizza and ice cream. Dark green is my favorite color. Fall is my favorite season! I love when leaves change colors. I enjoy hiking and spending time outdoors.

What is your favorite experience you have had at the Playhouse?

I love jumping on the crash pad in the gym with the participants when we do obstacle courses! My favorite program theme was Space Day!


Emily started as a Destination Discovery volunteer, attended our 2021 National Leadership Conference, and felt empowered to lead or Teen Tastic/Fantastic Friends program! This combined program is a fun and purposeful social gathering for teens and adults with Down syndrome, their peers and the community. Our program focuses on building social skills with friends with and without Down syndrome by participating in team-based activities in a casual and fun setting. Skill development includes understanding compromise, turn-taking and problem-solving abilities. Register for the next session of Teen Tastic/Fantastic Friends by visiting our online calendar! https://gigisplayhouse.org/canton/sfcalendar/ We are taking a break for August since Emily is getting married, but we’ll be back in September! Congratulations Emily, and thank you for all you do!!

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