Best of All: Abigail

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Abigail has been participating in group programs, like Friends, Fun, & Fitness, as well as in virtual literacy tutoring. Abigail has made such great progress with literacy since she began tutoring with Nikki. About their most recently completed literacy session, Nikki shared: 

“I don’t know if the numbers will accurately reflect the amazing progress Abby has made. Kathy [mom] really wanted us to work on phonograms, so we worked on “ay” “ee” “igh” “oe” “oa” and “eigh, based on the Raising Robust Readers layout. I also wrote a story for Abby that included all of the words that contained these phonograms – we continued to add words as we introduced a new phonogram. Abby spelled and wrote all the words and identified each phonogram weekly. We also read her story weekly and I asked open ended questions that involved who , what, where, when, why questions. Abby made incredible process with everything, but she has not quite mastered them yet. Our plan for winter is to continue to work on the phonograms we already learned, as well as continue with the robust readers modules.” 


Enrollment is open now to become a literacy tutor or math tutor for summer session. Sign up under the programs page of our website.

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