What Exactly is Best of All?

You may be a parent, volunteer or simply someone who follows the Playhouse on social media and have seen us share a moment captured during programming that we call a Best of All.  So, what exactly is a Best of All you ask…

It is continual, measurable, celebrated and it never ends.  It is a daily challenge to do a little better than you did the day before and it’s always celebrated.  Possible manifestations: standing just one second longer, reading just one more word, learning just one new number, taking just one more step, never a competition, never completed.

At GiGi’s Playhouse we encourage parents to set high expectations for their loved one and when focusing on strengths or Best of All’s, those high expectations can become achievements or as many parents call them, milestones!  Best of All’s provide a framework that allows participants to see their natural abilities and talents to reach their highest potential. Because who wouldn’t want to do a little better than the day before when you are celebrated! Here has been some of our favorite Best of All’s…


Max has been working on his overall balance and learning to kick a ball at Special Olympics Young Athletes. SOYA is an early childhood play program for children with and without intellectual disabilities. SOYA introduces basic sport skills, like running, kicking and throwing and the Playhouse gym is set up with fun therapeutic obstacles during programming. Tonight Max worked on his balance and maintained watching his little feet with a little help from mom and volunteer Steve. This hard work on balance helped Max learn how to kick a ball! Mom said “Max hasn’t been able to kick a ball until he started SOYA!” Way to go Max!



Fantastic Friends is more than just a social time in a fun setting for our adult participants. Program Leaders often incorporate wellness activities including yoga! Anna has been working on various poses over the last few weeks, and like many with Down syndrome, struggles with hypotonia and coordination making it a little more challenging. Although challenging, Anna NEVER gives up trying and during this weeks program was encouraged by a peer, Missy!  What great motivation, Anna and what great support, Missy! Way to go to you both!



During literacy tutors use the strategy, I Do, We Do, You Do from Archer & Hughes, when teaching and tracking participant progress. First, tutors start by modeling and demonstrating the task for the participant (“I Do”).  Then tutors guide the participant in the task, either with a physical, verbal, or written prompt (“We Do”).  The final stage is independence, when the participant can complete the task with little to no prompting (“You Do”).  Check out the amazing work by Nathan doing “You Do” and matching his letters! Of course there was celebration at the end. Lets all give Nathan an additional round of applause!


For more information on Best of All both at the Playhouse and at home visit HERE for an age specific book!


High achievement always takes place in the framework of high expectation.

Charles Kettering



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