Programming, Friends, and the Community!

As many of us wind down from World Down Syndrome Day celebrations we encourage you to continue celebrating your loved one with Down syndrome and spreading community awareness each and every day!  Our Fantastic Friends group continued their celebration and awareness this last Sunday during programming. We have an amazing recap of their session filled with purposeful programming and inspiring community connections!



Adam, Brianna, and Annalisa started with making blue and yellow coffee filter flowers for WDSD and discussed with peers how each one was unique and different just like them!  This activity provided a fun way to work on fine motor skills with using droppers and twisting the filters into petals!




Fantastic Friends also promotes gross motor and social skill development and these two were combined for a fun and engaging way to connect with the community! Participants and volunteers took advantage of the great weather and went for a walk and decided to stop in and visit Playhouse neighbors and give them their WDSD flower creations and ask if they would put up for their customers to see!  Now this is the inspiring part, Adam, Brianna, and Annalisa showed a sense of confidence during these interactions.  They shook hands, they created smiles, and they showed the power of an individual with Down syndrome!  We couldn’t be more proud!

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