Q&A with Our Youth Board

Our amazing Youth Board continues to grow and recently voted on board roles.  Our recent Blog highlights the speech given by Cassidy, who was voted President, a must read!  We will be sharing with you a little about each member and our first is Zoey who will be working on marketing for GiGi’s! 

Why did you join GiGi’s playhouse?  
have always loved  helping out in the community and when my big sister Ally told me about GiGi’s I instantly knew that it was something I wanted to be a part of, another thing is how inspired I was of how much I could do to help fight against the r word” and how I could actually hang out and get to know people in my community and around the world with Down syndrome. 

What is one fun thing about you?  
One fun thing about me is that I have been in 18 shows since I was 5 to now at Central Wisconsin Children’s Theater and at my school which is DC Everest. 

What is one thing you hope to do or change in our community, in regard to GiGi’s?    
To show people that you should never use the r word under any circumstance and also that you should accept people the same no matter what. 

What’s your favorite space within GiGi’s Playhouse?  
After watching the tour of the GiGi’s playhouse in Wausau I love the Café G Kitchen, it’s a place where you can learn to cook, and you could possibly try new things. I love how you could learn about how to cook and also things about cooking but also bond with others at the same time. 

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