Welcoming Matteo | A New Parent Story

My son Matteo was born last August and we found out a few days later that he had down syndrome. My husband and I knew nothing about down syndrome so it was very scary and confusing at first. The NICU nurse told us about GiGi’s Playhouse Sacramento and I could not wait to go! I couldn’t believe that such an amazing resource is so close to us!



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The first time I stepped through those doors I felt an instant connection to all of the parents. And I couldn’t stop smiling at all of the adorable children.

The teacher who ran the LMNOP class was amazing and so welcoming to us. I did not feel nervous at all. And Matteo was totally enchanted with her songs and story’s. I absolutely love the circle group time but I would say my favorite time would be the open play the children get to do in the back playroom where they are able to engage with one another and us parents can chitchat with each other and the teacher who provides such great advice and suggestions.

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I have learned so much in just the few times that I’ve visited. I know that these are definitely going to be lifelong friendships for Matteo and I. We’re so blessed to have a great community at GiGi’s Playhouse Sacramento! – Lena, Matteo’s Mom

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