Thank you for your interest in becoming a Volunteer. GiGi’s Playhouse is a volunteer run organization that relies on the skill and dedication of volunteers with various levels of expertise to keep our organization and our programs vibrant, educational, fun, and free. Since the first Playhouse opened in 2003, GiGi’s Playhouse programs have always been free for our families. Parents, family members, clinicians, and individuals who believe in the GiGi’s Playhouse mission act as volunteers in GiGi’s Playhouse programs, events, administrative offices, and on our Board. If you are interested in donating your talent and time, let us know! 

Types of Volunteer Opportunities

Board of Managers & Committees 

Board Members Seeking members of the community who are natural leaders, work well in a team environment, can bring connections to the playhouse, and who want to support our mission of changing the way the world views Down syndrome!  The board is responsible for ensuring sustainable success of the playhouse.  Commitment is 2 years, with a minimum of 5 hours per month.  All board members must either serve in an executive role (President, Vice President, Treasurer, or Secretary) or as a general board member and they must also serve on a committee.  


**Committee Members - Current Need 

Development and Fundraising Committee:  Do you have a sales background or just love engaging with people and telling the story of GiGi’s Playhouse?  The fundraising committee builds a fundraising execution plan to achieve funding goals from a mixture of events, grants, donations and campaigns.  Identify major donor opportunities, research, write and follow-up on grants, execute donor presentations, and ensure proper donor acknowledgements and stewardship.  

Program Committee: With a lineup of over 50 different potential programs, this committee defines the initial program lineup, establishes initial program days and times, recruit program volunteers, and ensure proper training and rollout of programs.

Outreach Committee: Build relationships with schools, therapy centers, medical professionals, community organizations, local businesses, etc. to spread the word about GiGi's Playhouse Sacramento.

Events Committees:  Execute fundraising events.  Help with logistics and planning, promoting the event and filling the room, securing in-kind donations and sponsorships, and making the room beautiful.  The events committee knows how to throw a party, engage donors, and ensure smooth events for all guests!  An Events Committee will be needed for each major fundraiser.  Commitment varies widely, but is generally short term in nature, with strong emphasis on the 1-2 months in advance of the event.  


Additional Committees  

Marketing Committee: Execute communications to families, donors, and community members including social media, monthly e-newsletter, periodic blog posts, and content updates to website, all using GiGi’s Playhouse’s standardized templates and tools. Also seeks ways to engage with the local media to promote GiGi’s Playhouse Sacramento. Specialized technology experience not required.

Finance Committee:  Responsible for ensuring the financial health of the Playhouse.  The finance committee helps build budgets, helps ensure the whole board understands the financial health of the organization, and establishes the bank relationship.  NOTE:  The national office manages all bookkeeping, reconciling funds, and entering transactions into financial systems.   

Other Volunteer Needs  

You don’t need to be on the board or on a committee to help support our efforts!  There are many ways to help for a day here and there or for a week or two of intense needs.  Here are some examples:  


Fundraisers/Sponsorships: Help secure donations for the events by reaching out to organizations in the community, asking for sponsorship and donations. 

Decorations:  Research and secure rentals needed for the event. 

Food and Beverage:  Research and secure food and beverage donations. 

Day-Of Volunteers:  Helping with registration and other activities.   

Silent auction items:  Help secure gifts cards, experiences, and other goods and services that would make great silent auction or raffle items.    


Program Leaders:  Program Leaders play an integral role within GiGi’s Playhouse Programs – to facilitate educational and therapeutic skill development activities and connect with families.  It is preferred that the Program Leader has advanced education and/or training in developmental therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, behavioral therapy, social work, special education, speech-language therapy, music, dance, art, or a related field.  We provide sample lesson plans, program guides, and a host of resources to help support your success!  Minimum commitment is 1 session (10-12 weeks), with programs occurring weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.  

Program Volunteers: Assisting the program lead, the program volunteers help support program execution in partnership with the program leader, by welcoming families, facilitating activities, supporting participants’ success, tracking outcomes, and connecting with families.  Minimum commitment for 1 session (10-12 weeks), with programs occurring weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.  

Literacy and Math Tutors:  This is an exciting opportunity to help those with Down syndrome learn reading or math skills! Become a trained Literacy Tutor, commit to a weekly 1 hour session (1.5 with prep time) for 15 weeks, starting the week of January 30th. You will work directly with the family of the child you are tutoring to determine when you will meet for your session each week. Apply here.