Meet the GiGi’s Playhouse Sacramento Team!



Karen Siino, Program and Volunteer Coordinator 

Karen is a wife and mom of 4. She has a background in IT and currently works as a librarian and paraeducator. Karen is so excited for the opportunities that GiGi’s will bring to individuals with Down syndrome, their families, and the community. She is looking forward to helping empower those with Down syndrome to be all that they can be. 



Nicole Harrigan, Board President 

Nicole is a wife, mom of three (two boys, Tim and Nic, who has T21, and one girl, Lyla), and is dedicated to fostering acceptance for individuals with Down syndrome and inclusion for all. She works full time as an attorney for the California State Lottery, which she enjoys, but she found her passion and life’s work upon joining the GiGi’s Playhouse Sacramento team. It has been both an honor and a dream come true for Nicole to help open GiGi’s Playhouse Sacramento and to continue to serve on its Board of Managers. One of Nicole’s favorite things about the Playhouse in general, is witnessing volunteers visibly shed life’s stressors when they walk through the door. She also finds immense joy in seeing younger volunteers embrace their true selves without fear of judgment, epitomizing the essence of acceptance. Nicole wholeheartedly believes embracing the #GenerationG values of being accepting, generous, and kind is the key to a happier, more inclusive world for all.



April Davila, Board Vice President 

April is an ambitious and passionate professional with an MBA from St. Mary's College and a background in real estate, education, and recruiting. She is a wife and an active mama of two teens, one with an extra chromosome. As a former teacher and a fierce proponent for the education of individuals with Down syndrome, April thoroughly enjoys working hard to educate families and the community about GiGi's impactful programs and support through sharing the GiGis ripple effect with educators, professionals, and the youth in our schools and churches who love to serve!



Catherine Conner, Board Treasurer

Cathie is extremely passionate in all that she takes on. She is a wife and mom of two lovely daughters and enjoys being intensely involved in all of their activities. She has dual careers running her nutrition practice, Cathie Conner Nutritional Therapy, and operating her own commercial real estate investment company. Cathie feels honored and proud to continue the family tradition of community service started by her late father. Giving back to her community is a core value and one that she takes very seriously. She has a brother with Down syndrome who has been a true blessing to their family. Helping to raise her brother, A.J., has given her a tremendous love and appreciation for individuals with Down syndrome. Cathie is thrilled that GiGi’s Playhouse Sacramento has opened its doors, providing a safe, fun and educational space for these incredible individuals and their families. She’s eager to continue supporting its mission in the Sacramento region.


Ashley Lasiter, Secretary 

Ashley is a wife and full-time working mom of 2 girls. She has a B.S. Degree in Civil Engineering and Minor in Construction Engineering and Management. Although very analytical and a planner, Brooke (oldest daughter with DS) has taught her that you can’t plan everything, and you are better for it! She is passionate about the Down syndrome community and loves to give back. She is thrilled to be part of GiGi’s Playhouse Sacramento with everything that it signifies and has to offer for the Down syndrome community. Her favorite aspect of GiGi’s Playhouse is the concept of ‘Best of All’. As part of a dynamic family, Brooke participates in all family activities, first meeting her where she is at in abilities and then working to build her skills at her pace.


Danielle Conforti, Board Member

Danielle is a wife and mom of two amazing daughters. She is a speech pathologist who specializes in early intervention and is passionate about maximizing people’s potential. Danielle loves the GiGi’s Playhouse programs and loves watching all of the playhouse participants' growth.  She also loves passing on her love of working with people with special needs to her daughters and the Sacramento/Roseville community.


Nicole Deters, Board Member

Nicole is a wife and a mother of 3 boys. She has a background in the medical field from supervising care coordinator, medical assisting and caregiving. In 2014, her third son, Jaydon was diagnosed with Down syndrome and she knew that advocating was a top priority. When she learned about GiGi’s Playhouse, she knew this was the place her family needed to be. A place where acceptance and kindness would fill the air; a place where our community and individuals with Down syndrome can come together to learn, play and laugh. The opportunities are endless and she’s excited to be a part of this beautiful journey!


Etty Goldstein, Board Member

Etty is a certified public accountant that works full time as a financial auditor specializing in nonprofit organizations. She was born in Venezuela and moved to the Sacramento area in 2014. Given her background, she is very passionate about helping the community and advocating for others. Etty is honored and very appreciative of the opportunity to work with GiGi’s Playhouse Sacramento and help deliver its mission and bring the community together in support of this amazing organization.

Josh Hatfield, Board Member


Brooke Jackson, Board Member Emeritus 

Brooke graduated from the University of Florida where she played basketball and earned a degree in production. She is extremely passionate about creating a world where individuals with Down syndrome feel loved, accepted and capable of anything! Brooke is overjoyed & beyond grateful for the opportunity to work alongside this group of supermoms to bring a GiGi’s Playhouse to our community. 



Lisa Mayberry, Board Member

Lisa is a wife, mom of two boys and works full time as a health care attorney. In 2017, her oldest son was born with Down syndrome, and since then, Lisa has been a zealous advocate for him and for others like him. She is continually amazed by these individuals and the Down syndrome community and hopes that more and more people will “see their ability” and how they are truly a blessing whom we can all learn so much from.

Shannon Owens, Board Member/Self Advocate


Holly Siino, Board Member

Ever since Holly’s sister Mia was born she has wanted to actively advocate for individuals with Down Syndrome. GiGi’s Playhouse has been the answer to that wish and she is so excited to serve as a program lead and board member. Holly is an avid reader, DIY and crafting enthusiast, and soccer player. She has a background in post-secondary and adult education and currently works at Jobs for the Future, consulting on projects for the California Community College system. In addition to working at Gigi’s Playhouse Holly is a volunteer with Special Olympics as event staff and coach. Holly has continued to be inspired by the GiGi’s Playhouse Sacramento community and can’t wait see what the future holds!