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GiGi U is making an impact

Our GiGi U program has been running strong for one year. Erin Hickman, our GiGi U Coordinator, has been working hard to insure that our students are growing and getting ready for the “real” world. Enjoy a writing from one of our GiGi U students, Dylan.

“My name is Dylan Miller.  I have been in GiGi U since February 2016!  I have learned many things while I have been here.    GiGi U has taught me how to have fun!  I have made new friends and get to go to awesome places with them.  Some of my favoritee places have been the Police Station, bowling, and Barnes and Noble.

The Police station was fun.  I got to take inventory of their supply closet.  They had coats, helmets, guns, handcuffs, and shields.    I got to try on the coat and watched my friend handcuff herself!

Bowling was fun!  John came and we were on the same team.  We scored more points than the women.  It was fun to hang out and bowl.

Barnes and Noble is my favorite place.   I was excited to volunteer there.  While I was there I got to sort magazines and work behind the counter, helping a nice girl with purchases.

I like all the things we do to volunteer.  Right now we are collecting pop tabs for Ronald McDonald House and we are having a pancake breakfast.   Everyone should donate and come to the breakfast!

GiGi U and Miss Erin are awesome! ”

GiGi U will be starting a new session in the fall of 2017. Please contact Erin at 815-654-7529, Ext. 212 for more information.

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