Jeremy: Leading the Way

This month, we want to recognize a remarkable young man who never allows fear or anxiety to keep him down. Jeremy is an active participant at the Playhouse who enjoys participating in multiple programs. He loves singing, dancing, and acting in our Portal Theatre program; he is a long-standing tutoring student who has had the same tutor for over five years, he breaks a sweat every Tuesday night at our GiGiFIT Adult program, and he loves hanging out with all of his good buddies at Friday Friends. As you can imagine, Jeremy is quite a social butterfly. He is such a fantastic example to his peers, as he is always respectful, kind, motivated, and fun! Although he excels in many areas inside and outside the Playhouse, he, like all of us, still faces his share of challenges. Jeremy often experiences anxiety, mainly before public speaking or theatre performances. He knows he’s ready to tackle these challenges, yet he often feels afraid right before he gets up to do his thing. Jeremy has been working on overcoming these fears by getting support from his friends and pushing through. Seeing Jeremy get up and rock his performances and presentations, even though he goes through this fear, is so inspirational! He inspires us not to let our own anxieties rule our lives. Seeing Jeremy before and after these moments of doubt gives us hope to excel in areas we feel uncertain about, too. Watching other participants support their friend when he feels unsure is also so beautiful. The individuals we have the privilege of serving show us every day what it means to be a good and caring friend. We are so grateful to Jeremy and his friends for showing us the way.

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