“It’s a true eye opener for us to see how much more Jessica has to offer the world!”

Our families + volunteers at GiGi’s are amazing. We are constantly seeing the impact GiGi’s programs have on our participants. Through the FREE programs and opportunities GiGi’s provides- our community and families are seeing how much individuals with Down syndrome have to offer the world. #GenerationG #bestofall

Jessica is 26 years old, loves to sing/dance/clean and make friends. Before her family heard about GiGi’s, Jessica was spending time at home, full of potential but lacking a place where she could showcase her skills. After learning about GiGis through many friends, including two of our current volunteers at GiGi’s, her family came to tour and see what we were all about. Talk about hitting it off, Jessica immediately started participating, her family readjusted their schedules to enroll her in programs and Jessica now wakes up early to prepare for her day at GiGis.

We asked her family these two questions-

What growth have you seen in Jessica?
She’s much more interactive and that smile! Jessica seems happier in general too. One morning right before I was going to wake her, she gets up on her own and comes to me and says, “what’s the hold up?”  Meaning she was ready for her day at GiGi’s!  That was a “wow” moment for me!

How has GiGi’s made an impact on your family?
It’s a true eye opener for us to see how much more Jessica has to offer the world! I think we as a family are learning more and more as each week passes with her participating at GiGi’s. We are so grateful and thankful for this organization and we look forward to what the future is going to bring our sweet Jessica!

Thank you to all of our volunteers and donors that make these programs, life changes and testimonies possible!

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