Magical Musical Moments written by Julia Cobley

Magical Musical Moments happen every time I share music with our friends at GiGi’s. I teach ukulele to our adult friends and general music and movement to our littles. Each week I am asked to write down a special moment in class. I can never just write one.

There are so many special moments to share! Here are just some of my favorite experiences whilst sharing music with my friends at GiGi’s. First is the sheer joy that not only our GiGi’s participants experience, but also volunteers, GiGi’s staff and program leaders! If only this joy could be bottled up and spread throughout our world! Our world would surely be a better place. Every time I leave GiGi’s I feel as though I have been given a big hug and extra dose of love – in fact I actually have, as our GiGi’s friends are some of the most loving, caring and “there for each other” people that I have ever met. So much laughter accompanies this joy – and laughter is indeed the best medicine. With the laughter sometimes come tears – but tears of joy! This happens when music helps in a social, emotional, linguistic or cognitive breakthrough! When one student encourages a fellow student with a “you got this”, or when reluctance to join in, turns into full, joyful engagement, or when a student who normally struggles with communication sings along or creates their own song, or when a friend finally feels comfortable joining the dance or song circle, when a joke is is greeted with much laughter and understanding or a little one laughs at Peek a Boo! This is where the magic happens! Being a program leader at GiGi’s is a blessing in my life.

Bio: Julia Cobley, Miss Julia, is a native Scot with a soft Scottish brogue who has shared her love of music with adults and children in Cary. She founded KinderVillage Music Studio over 30 years ago and was honored to receive the Order of the Long Leaf Pine for her dedication to music education. She has recently retired from KinderVillage and now brings her love of music to her friends at GiGi’s as Program Leader for Ukulele for adults, and Music for Littles. She is currently the President of the Rotary Club of Cary-Page which partners with GiGi’s – bringing drum circles to our GiGi friends, sharing concert experiences in addition to donating musical instruments. Music is magic!

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