Coming to GiGi’s for the first time was, in all honesty, very overwhelming on the drive over. Tears were shed. Emotions were still raw and I didn’t know if I was ready to step into that environment. But – I am so glad I did. You and everyone else that works/volunteers their time there was AMAZING! Not to mention the parents and children I was able to meet. Priceless. I left with several phone numbers of moms that I have connected with since I came. One mom even lives on my street. Small world, right? It was an eye-opening experience for me. To see that life still goes on, it just might look a little different than we expected. Can’t wait to go back to GiGi’s! The program we attended was so much fun and Grady’s brother had a blast!

-Kate, Grady’s mom

During Busy Bodies, Kate and her family were able to connect with other families and form relationships that will carry them through life. Her son Grady is our youngest participant, we are able to show the support provided at GiGi’s through our life time commitment from prenatal diagnosis to adulthood. Our purposeful programs will help Grady live a fulfilling life and show the world his capabilities!

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