A note from a parent

I have been thinking about the great things that I’ve seen in the Speech program at GiGi’s since you and your group of students have been working with our “differently-abled” loved ones. I’m elated, let alone thrilled, at the progress “All” students have made! e.g., self confidence, speech clarity, “selectiveness in interactions (conversating), making independent choices and with peers (togetherness), improved communication and skills, just having fun while learning. Thank You for caring, seeing the possibilities and for bringing the ENERGY!! Have a wonderful day and many blessings! 😙

Love Ya (and I mean it, 💕!),

Lossie Smalls-Webb (Mother to Thomas)

Elizabeth & Thomas

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  1. Patricia A. Daniels on July 5, 2022 at 12:34 pm


    You have and are a great role model to your son Thomas and the other lives that you have touched. The dedication and sacrifices that you give to him and your community are to be commended. Blessings to you always and the foundation. Never give up.

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