Fantastic Friends Best of All: Karina

Karina Piraino has been an active participant in our GiGiFIT Adult and Fantastic Friends program since July 2023. The first time she walked through the doors, however, was 4 months prior. Karina and her mother, Lisa, came in for a tour. They loved learning about our adult classes, but just couldn’t find the time to make their schedule work to attend a program. Until…one day in June I was shopping at the Irvine Spectrum, and low and behold, who did I run into but Karina and Lisa! We chatted for a bit and let them know how much I would love to see their pretty faces at the Playhouse someday soon. The very next week Karina and Lisa walked through the doors of the Playhouse again, and this time it was to attend a GiGiFIT class. Since her very first class on June 28, Karina has not missed one Wednesday night. Her mother and father are frequently with her, quickly becoming part of our GiGi’s family. GiGi’s Playhouse is now a very important part of Karina’s life; something she looks forward to weekly. She has made so many friends and always receives a warm welcome from the volunteers and the other participants. Karina is officially a “regular” and fits in perfectly at the Playhouse. Recently, she was able to give a tour to her two older sisters, Livia and Gianni. It was important for Karina to introduce her sisters to her new world and new friends at GiGi’s Playhouse. They were over the moon thrilled at seeing her in her element. We are so fortunate to have sweet Karina as part of GiGi’s family, and we are looking forward to having her and her family here for a long, long time.

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