Teen Tastic Best of All: Bella & Nana

Bella (14) has been living with her Grandmother, Maureen, this summer, while her house is being
remodeled. Since Grandma’s house is just a mile away from the Playhouse, Maureen brought Bella in for a tour, with the hopes of her meeting new friends and becoming more social. After a marvelous tour of the playhouse, it was decided that Bella would start attending the very popular Teen Tastic program. Her first Teen Tastic was held offsite at a local high school. The boys’ water polo team organized a kickball game and pizza party. Bella had a blast and fit right in immediately! She had such a great time that she
asked her Grandmother to come back the following week…and then the week after that…and the week after that. Before you knew it, Bella became a regular at Teen Tastic, making friends and having fun. Bella’s house remodel is now complete, so she is no longer living nearby with Grandma; however, Teen Tastic is so important to her that Maureen drives almost a two hour round trip (in traffic) to bring her to GiGi’s Playhouse every Tuesday night. Maureen mentioned that during those long car rides dialogue is usually
sparce with Bella…until recently, that is. Now the car rides home are filled with Bella discussing her new friends and activities. Maureen is thrilled to hear her granddaughter’s excitement in being apart of this special group at GiGi’s. It is exactly what Maureen wanted for Bella and more. New friends, new experiences and new memories to be shared. We are so happy to have Bella and Maureen part of the GiGi’s Playhouse Orange County family.

Bella at Teen Tastic
Bella with new friends, Chandni, Joy and Isabelle

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