“Hello” from Suzanne the Site Manager

Hello. My name is Suzanne Scott, and I have the extreme privilege of being the Site Manager of GiGi’s Playhouse Orange County. I discovered GiGi’s Playhouse not because I have a child or relative with Down syndrome, but due to the ripple effect of knowing and loving my friend, Charlie Horner. I have known the Horner family for years, so when the opportunity arrived to be a part of the new Orange County location, I jumped at the chance. My career experience has been with corporate and government jobs, however I did not want to head in that direction any longer. I wanted to be part of an organization that was doing good in the world. I looked to surround myself with kind, caring and tolerant people. I wanted to learn about people with different abilities and take that understanding to help spread awareness and acceptance. I wished to be part of something of great meaning and purpose. GiGi’s Playhouse encompasses all of this and more. It was the perfect fit for me, and I am so honored to have been entrusted with this position.

Since opening our doors November 12, 2022, every day is magical here at GiGi’s Playhouse Orange County. Every day the families, the volunteers, the community members experience this wonder within these colorful walls. From three-year-old Nathaniel running full speed down the hallways to fifty-year-old Steven slowly warming up to the idea of walking through the door, every person is affected by the splendid goodness of this place. My aspiration as Site Manager is to have everyone that spends time at GiGi’s Playhouse Orange County feel welcome, safe, and loved. I feel fortunate to be surrounded by our amazing families, and I look forward to contributing to the growth of our magical playhouse for many years to come. My door is always open, so pop in, say hello and stay for a while. Always fun to be done at the Playhouse!

Charlie Horner and Suzanne Scott

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