World Down Syndrome Day Celebrations

March 21st is recognized each year as World Down Syndrome Day. 3:21 Represents the third copy of the 21st chromosome, trisomy 21, Down syndrome. We join our voices and belief with communities all over the world creating awareness and acceptance for people living big full lives with Down syndrome!


On Saturday, 3/23 we celebrated the amazing achievements of our individuals with Down syndrome. With over 40 families in attendance, along with sponsors from Hard Rock Cafe, The JR league, JetBlue, and NYU! Thank you to the JCC Harlem for graciously hosting us!


On Sunday, March 18th, our community came together to celebrate our loved ones with Down syndrome. We had a blast with over 35 families attending! The celebration and advocacy continues tonight and tomorrow with more great #WDSD2018 events! Thank you to the JCC Harlem for graciously hosting this Sundays party!


We had an awesome time JCC Manhattan celebrating World Down Syndrome Day 217! We danced, laughed, raised awareness, and Katie Couric came by our event!


A great evening celebrating World Down Syndrome at the JCC Manhattan with some very talented singers and dancers!
Photo credits to our amazing Photographer-Volunteers: Alvin Shih, Sri Lakhanigam, and Petko Ivanov


On Saturday March 21st 2015 we celebrated World Down Syndrome Day with the Brooklyn Museum, NDSS, and LuMind. Over 350 people came together to celebrate Down syndrome, to view the exhibit of Judith Scott's art work, and to dance with Liza Galler. What an outstanding way to celebrated our very special place in an inclusive community - thank you for hosting, Brooklyn Museum!