Who is Getting Ready to Start 2024? Written by Fatima, GiGi’s NYC Participant

Goodbye 2023, and hello and welcome 2024!

Happy New Year to everyone at GiGi’s Playhouse NYC!

There are different holidays to celebrate in January. For example, New Year’s Day, National Spaghetti Day, National Technology Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, National Popcorn Day, National Hugging Day, National Pie Day, and so many more.

New Year’s Day is celebrated on Monday, January 1st, every year and a lot of people celebrate it in different ways. For example, family and friends gather to share a meal to welcome the new year often with a toast and a song. On this day we also start making resolutions by thinking about doing better and healthier things for ourselves. 

National Spaghetti Day was celebrated on Thursday, January 4th, and a lot of people celebrate the occasion in their own way. For example, people like to host a pasta party by inviting family and friends over for a spaghetti-themed gathering. This could include setting up a pasta bar with various toppings and sauces for a fun DIY dinner. Spaghetti with meatballs is my favorite Italian pasta dish. I like to order it at Italian restaurants, especially at Palermo’s Pizzeria. Some people like to make spaghetti and meatballs from scratch at home. All you need are Barilla pasta boxes of spaghetti, ground meat for the meatballs, and some marinara sauce. 

National Technology Day was celebrated on Saturday, January 6th, this year. This day recognizes how technology changes the world and looks to the future of technology. Also, on this day people use their iPhones and iPads.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is celebrated on Monday, January 15th, and a lot of people celebrate the occasion by organizing parades, lectures, and other events that celebrate Dr. King’s life and legacy as a civil rights leader.

National Popcorn Day is celebrated on Friday, January 19th, and a lot of people celebrate the occasion in different ways. For example, people like to go to the movie theater and enjoy a buttery tub of popcorn. You can also host a movie night and make popcorn in the comfort of your own home.

National Hugging Day is celebrated on Sunday, January 21st. This is a day to share positive and encouraging messages about the power of hugs. This is a popular day to give and receive hugs. People often host events with their families and friends to share some hugs and meals. 

National Pie Day is celebrated on Tuesday, January 23rd, and a lot of people celebrate the occasion by baking their favorite type of pie from scratch, hosting a pie tasting party with friends or family, or buying a pie at the bakery. There are so many different types of pie. My favorite types of pie are pumpkin and apple with vanilla ice cream, coconut cream pie, and chocolate pudding pie with whipped cream and ice cream on top. 

Before I start the February blog post, I really want to share a review of another Italian restaurant that I enjoy. This restaurant is called Verdi’s of Whitestone. It’s one of my favorite Italian restaurants. My favorite dishes to order at Verdi’s are mussels marinara, baked clams, fried calamari, seafood salad, fettuccine alfredo, linguine ai frutti di mare, tossed garden salad, pollo parmigiana, eggplant rollatini, stuffed shells, penne alla vodka, and baked ziti. My grandfather Pop Pop and my grandmother Maureen invite our family to Verdi’s for special occasions.

Enjoy the new year!

Love always,


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