Who is Excited to Start 2023? Written by Fatima – GiGi’s NYC Participant

I hope everyone has been enjoying a happy and healthy new year so far!

The holidays are always a great time to get together and enjoy the company of your loved ones. Additional resolutions for the new year include talking to my friends from Canada on FaceTime more often. I have known them since I was born, and they are very caring, kind, loving, amazing, talented, pretty, and beautiful people. Their mom has been friends with my mom for 40 years. We have seen each other during the years when they visit New York. I am very thankful for their longtime friendship.

In this new year, I would also like to write more essays for GiGi’s NYC blog since everyone loves them, practice money management, cook a lot of meals, drink more cold water, go for walks in the park, take the city bus independently while my friends from Canada visit, and talk to my grandparents Pop Pop and Maureen on the phone more often.

In addition to New Year’s, there are several other important holidays celebrated in the month of January. These include National Spaghetti Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Lunar New Year, Belly Laugh Day, National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day, and National Write to Congress Day.

National Spaghetti Day is on Wednesday, January 4th, and a lot of people have spaghetti for dinner to celebrate the occasion. Spaghetti with meatballs is one of my favorite meals to eat. I enjoy having it with extra cheese on top.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is on Monday, January 16th, and a lot of people do different types of things on that day, including marching in parades, participating in special ceremonies and community service events, and getting together to hear Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech.

Lunar New Year is on Sunday, January 22nd. Activities for this celebration include worshipping ancestors, exorcising evil spirits, and praying for a bountiful harvest. The food eaten represents different things. Dumplings bring wealth, noodles represent longevity and happiness, and fish increase prosperity.

Belly Laugh Day is on Tuesday, January 24th. This is a day to chuckle and celebrate the good things in life. An example of this is spending the day with close friends. I would like to spend this day with my friends from Canada since I always have a fun time with them.

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!

Love always,

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  1. Laura M. on January 16, 2023 at 11:15 am

    Love this post, Fatima! I always enjoy your writing. I can’t wait to read your future posts.

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