Volunteer Spotlight: Isa Frias

This week we want to spotlight our incredibly generous volunteer, Isa Frias! Isa is always willing to jump in and help out in any way that she can. She is a tremendous asset to our volunteer team and we are excited to share the below Q&A with her!

How and when did you first get involved with GiGi’s Playhouse NYC?  

I first got involved with GiGi’s Playhouse NYC back in October. I started volunteering with New York Cares back in May, and they posted about GiGi’s NYC on their Instagram page. I contacted GiGi’s about helping out, and here we are 😊  

Why did you decide to volunteer with GiGi’s NYC?  

I’ve always tried to help out in one way or another and after the year we’ve all had I found myself wanting to do more. During the “peak” of the pandemic, assisted with the packing and distribution of food for those in need and the elderly. It was such a rewarding and humbling experience. I figured that since I had more time on my hands, I would find other ways to get involved in the community. Thankfully, New York Cares led me to GiGi’s NYC 

What do you do as a volunteer?   

I mostly help out with the creative stuff for social media. I also help with personal outreach to families to increase attendance at programs. 

How do you enjoy spending your free time?   

I love to travel (well, not at the moment) and spend time with my loved ones (when possible). I love to read, cook, and BAKE (definitely)! I recently started doing Pilates which I absolutely love as well. 

What do you look forward to doing at the Playhouse once we can safely gather there again? 

I’m definitely looking forward to interacting with the participants in-person. Everything is virtual at the momentso haven’t been able to experience that yet. I’m also looking forward to the theater programs. I’d love to be involved with those, too.  


Please join us in thanking Isa for her dedication to our community! We are so fortunate to have her as a volunteer and truly appreciate all of the hard work she does on behalf of GiGi’s NYC! 


  1. yamira siu on March 30, 2021 at 12:54 pm

    Thank You Isa for being such a supportive volunteer for our diverse community. It was a pleasure to finally meet you in person during the Fashion Show shoot. Your lovely smile and fun spirit makes a difference.

  2. hprovidenti on April 2, 2021 at 10:49 pm

    Thank you for everything you do, Isa! We are so grateful for you!

  3. Griffin Rohs on April 7, 2021 at 12:32 am

    Isa, thank you for all your hard work with the Fashion Show! So glad you found GiGi’s!

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