Participant Spotlight: Chris Evangelista

Meet Chris Evangelista! While new to our community, Chris has quickly become a part of our family and is a regular attendee at many of our programs. He is a talented musician who plays the drums and guitar, and an incredible dancer. If you missed Chris’s dance to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” at our recent Dancing for Down Syndrome fundraiser, be sure to check it out here (minute 47)! We are so happy to have Chris as a member of our community and hope you enjoy learning more about him below.  

When did you join the GiGi’s NYC community? 

I joined the community in March of 2021. 

How old are you? 

I’m 30 years old.  

What GiGi’s NYC programs do you attend? 

I attend most GiGi’s NYC programs, including, Yoga, Judo, GiGiKitchen, LitLab, Rising Stars, and Zumba. 

How did you find out about GiGi’s NYC? 

My sister-in-law helped me find GiGi’s NYC and she helped me enroll.  

Which programs have meant the most to you and why? 

I love GiGiKitchen and Zumba because I enjoy learning how to make some meals on my own and love to dance! 

What does GiGi’s NYC mean to you? 

I love attending GiGi’s NYC programs because I can be myself and feel comfortable and safe.  

What have you gained from our programs?  

A sense of community and a lot of joy during these hard times! 

How do you enjoy spending your free time? 

I like to exercise, sing and play my guitar, spend quality time with my family, and play video games during my free time.  

What achievements are you most proud of? What achievements can you connect to skills you have learned at GiGi’s NYC? 

I’m proud of the Dancing for Down Syndrome fundraiser. It was for a great cause and I loved how everyone participated and danced in the event. I also loved that my family was able to join virtually and enjoy the event with me. I have learned so much since joining GiGi’s NYC, and what I’m most happy about is that my speech has improved a lot!! 

What do you want the GiGi’s NYC community to know? 

I want them to know that they are making a difference and are helping those of us with Down syndrome come together and feel like we belong!  

What would you like to see from GiGi’s NYC in the future? Do you have any ideas for new programs or special events? 

Maybe a music class? I love music and singing, so maybe others would enjoy a music class too. 

Chris, we are so inspired and moved by your thoughtfulness and all the ways you have grown since you joined our community! We are lucky to have you and can’t wait to finally hangout with you in-person at Summer Horizons!  


  1. Belinda Orsborn on July 9, 2021 at 12:02 pm

    You are AMAZING, Chris! Sending love from Sugar Land, TX!

  2. Wascar & Ana on July 12, 2021 at 11:47 am

    We love you Chris and are super proud of you!❤

  3. Hannah Providenti on August 29, 2021 at 10:00 pm

    Chris, you have quickly become an integral member of our community! I still can’t get over your incredible D4DS performance! Thank you for being YOU!

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