Ellie has been working hard to improve her speech and language skills through the Amina Grace Speech and Language Program.  She has participated in every 10-week session since the program began this past spring.  Ellie is working on answering questions, using correct sentence structure, and speech clarity.  Since participating in program, Ellie’s mom tells us “People can understand her better, her words have become much more clear.  It has been easier for her to respond to questions.  I no longer have to interpret for Ellie.”   Ellie works hard, but also loves being silly and playing games.  She really likes telling stories about her week.  “Ellie enjoys coming to speech. Katie knows what works best for Ellie.  Sometimes it’s structured and other days not so structured.  Katie does what it takes to get Ellie to progress. She has to do work; yet has fun.”  Ellie’s mother initially signed her up to participate in the Amina Grace Speech and Language program because it was a great opportunity to give her as much speech as possible.  She did not feel that Ellie was receiving the amount of speech help that she needed. The biggest bonus was that the program is free.   “It’s an awesome program and I hope it will continue.”  Ellie’s mother stated.  Ellie has shown fantastic growth while participating in the speech program and we know she will continue to make great gains!

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