Join Our Team

GiGi's Playhouse McHenry County is a Down syndrome achievement center which is 10 years strong.  Our vision is to provide resources, specialized teaching, and support to individuals with Down syndrome and all the people that love them and to see our community be a place where individuals with Down syndrome are accepted and embraced by their families, schools, and communities. 

Are you interested in helping our Playhouse grow and provide more services and programs? We need your help. Join our dedicated team of concerned and engaged people.  Help us identify long-term goals and implement innovative strategies for lasting change and improvement.  At the same time, serving on a board or committee can be an invaluable way to meet others and develop connections to help you build new social and professional ties.   

 Join the Board

 There are open board positions that we need to fill.  We're especially looking for people with marketing, finance, education and healthcare experience.  Specifically, we are recruiting a Treasurer and two other general board members.  People interested in a board position really need three simple things, they must

  1. Get it
  2. Want it
  3. Have the capacity.

In other words they must understand who we are and what we stand for, have the desire to dig in and help, and, finally, be able to devote approximately 15 hours a month to help the Playhouse grow and succeed.   

Join a Committee

In addition to the board positions, we are looking for people to chair or be members of a committee.  This is a new structure that will get more done.  These committees and objectives are: 

Program Committee - Establish program lineup and goals while managing the program budget 

Outreach Committee - Increase awareness in the community and expand our relationships with community organizations while expanding the number of families we serve 

Communications Committee - Create promotional materials and manage media interactions while managing the marketing budget to our best advantage 

Fundraising Committee  - Build and implement annual fundraising plan and event strategy (what events/ when). 

Event Committee (per event) - Plan a specific event including logistics, budget, sponsorships and volunteers 

Finance Committee  - Build and propose budgets while ensuring Playhouse assets and donations are used effectively with proper controls in place 

If you are interested in any of these opportunities or know someone who is please email me at  If you do not have the time or feel you are not qualified can you think about people you know such as your doctor, banker, attorney, or even your boss at work who may be interested?  I will then arrange a phone call to discuss your interests.