Volunteer & Program Highlight: Music Therapy!!

We are fortunate at our Playhouse to have a wonderful monthly Music Program lead by a phenomenal Music Therapist, meet Veronica Butler! Not only is she part of GiGi’s Playhouse Houston, but she also volunteers and leads the Music Program at GiGi’s Playhouse Sugarland too! I am personally an advocate for music therapy and have seen firsthand the benefits of music therapy in various group settings. So, I recently asked Veronica if she would explain what music therapy is for other individuals to learn the value of this field.

Per Veronica, “Music therapy is a well-established allied health profession similar to occupational therapy, speech therapy and physical therapy. Through the therapeutic use of music, the following areas can be addressed during group or individual sessions: physical, psychological, speech, cognitive and/or social functioning. Goals/treatment plans are created and implemented after assessing the student or client and when possible meeting with other team treatment team members. Music therapists do not usually work on music goals; that is, we do not teach clients to play instruments. We use music as a vehicle for promoting academic, socio-emotional, speech and language, and motorical goals and behaviors. In a school or home setting, music therapists use music and music interventions to achieve goals on the IEP (individualized education plan) or the IFSP (individual family service plan).”

Wow, that’s impressive. We are beyond thankful for Veronica and her talents and passion as a Music Therapist. The month of March is also Music Therapy Awareness Month, so, the next time you see a music therapist, tell them thank you for their dedication!

Written by Erica Kelley

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